Details / Instructions

Admin –> Submit Match Result

As part of our ongoing enhancements to simplify how we do things, we have enabled a new feature for Club Secretaries to use to submit match results online.  This new feature is available in the Admin Menu, within the sub-menu titled– “Submit Match Result”.  Access to this feature is password protected and only accessible by Club Secretaries (who should by now have all received the password via email).

Once the password has been successfully entered, the user is presented with an online submission for consisting of the following fields :

1. Date of Match (dd-Mon-yyyy, e.g. 11-Sep-2016)

2. Submitted by (Your full name)

3. Your email address

4. Select the Division

5. Select Your Club

6.Select Opposition

7. Final Score:

– Your Teams goals scored

– Opposition teams goals scored

8. Your teams Goal scorers (one entry per line) –

Note: If you want us to track goal assists then please add name of assisting player inside brackets next to scorer, e.g.  H. Kane ( (E. Dier)

9. Referees Name (Select from menu)*

10. Referees Mark out of 100*

11. Your team’s Man Of The Match

12. Your Team’s Starting XI (one name per line)

13. Substitutes e.g. Giroud (Walcott)  e.g. Giroud came ON, and Walcott came OFF

14. Upload Team pic (photo of your team that played that day, including subs)

Note: For now this field is optional, but we want to encourage clubs to get into the habit of taking a pic of the team each gameweek

15. Match Report/Summary

Note:  Again this is optional for now. Please try too write a summary as it helps to create a memory, not expecting War & Peace, just a few lines .

Example Stats

Why do we need this ‘additional’ data?

Our new website offers us the capability to track Team and Player statistics.  We want to leverage this capability but need the co-operation of all the clubs to get the data gathered.  We are looking at tracking metrics such as Appearances and Goals Scored. Similarly we can track Assists and ‘Man-of-the-Match’ awards too.  All this data can be at a Club level, within Divisions or even across the whole league.

So, the more complete the ‘Submit Match Result’ form is, the more complete the stats for each team/player will be.   Below are a few pics of sample stats that we can track and display on the website:

Club-by-Club Statistcis

BADU FC:  Top 5 Scorers

Philippine FC:  Top 5 Scorers

We request ALL club secretaries to start using this form when submitting their results for Gameweek 3.  This form can be used to submit details from Gameweeks 1 & 2 if not already submitted.   It may seem like there is a lot of information to provide, but if you look closely, there is nothing complex and all the data is probably in your head already .. all we are asking you to do is put it down in the form.  After a couple of attempts it will become very easy and routine.

Good luck to all the teams in action in Gameweek 3.