Message from Hackney Council

You are probably aware that we have had a number of issues in the past 3-4 weeks with parking at the Hackney Marshes centre.  Issues have included:

  • GLL staff being threatened – which resulted in GLL arranging external parking services to manage the parking on Sundays.
  • TFL buses not being able to pass along Homerton Road due to cars parking on double yellow lines.
  • Buses being diverted away from Homerton Road completely due to the road being completely blocked.
  • Cars parking on pavements, walkways and even grass verges.

 Due to the issues above and especially after last weekend it has been asked that parking along Homerton Road is reviewed. LBH Parking services will now start doing weekly checks along Homerton Road and WILL issue parking tickets/remove cars parked illegally.  This will start from this weekend (Nov 5th/6th).

All teams and players are urged to take note of the following:

  • Parking spaces are limited at Hackney Marshes in the car park.
  • Cars parked along Homerton Road on double yellow lines WILL be issued with a parking notice or even worse removed.
  • Cars parked on pavements, walkways or grass verges WILL be issued with a parking notice or even worse removed.

We strongly suggest that teams/players start to look at sharing rides to the centre or using alternative methods of transport.

If this does not improve over the next few weeks then LBH and Transport for London may look at making Homerton Road all double yellow lined which will result in less parking spaces available.

It is key for all teams/players to be aware of the restrictions and penalties that will now be even further enforced.

Warning: Your Car Will Be Towed

This notice is for all players and club officials who use the North Marsh Car Park on Sundays. Parking Bays have been marked out clearly for all to see.  You are advised to park only in pre-marked bays as any vehicles found parked in any areas other than the marked bays will be towed away by Hackney Council staff.

So if you don’t want to end up paying a hefty sum to have your car released from the car pound then please ensure you park within marked parking bays .

This new Parking Rule / Restriction comes into effect from 1st November 2016.

This decision has been made by Hackney Council and has nothing to do with the Camden Sunday Football League.