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About The Club

Philippine FC was founded in 2008 and was originally called Philippine United FC. Under the guidance of then owner, Leo Jensen and coaches Norman Parkin, a former Leeds and Chesterfield player and Steve Conroy, the team played their football in the West Herts football league, in West Hertfordshire. The team was initially created to serve as a ‘sister’ club to the Philippines National Team.

Links with ex-PFF President Mari Martinez meant that a few players were given the chance to try-out for the national squad. These proved successful, with a few of the players in the squad flying over to the Philippines on trial. In 2012, the team left the West Herts league and coaches Norman and Steve also left, along with owner Leo Jensen, to form another Filipino club in Manchester.

The London PUFC team then got back together in 2015 and the club was renamed ‘Philippine FC’, which played in the Middlesex County Combination League. After their initial season back together, the team have now decided to play their football in The Camden Sunday League from the 2016/17 season onwards.

Through football, the club now looks to promote Filipino culture to the wider community.


Club Kits

Shirts – Blue

Shorts – Blue

Socks – Blue

Shirts – White

Shorts – Red

Socks – White

2016-17 Fixtures & Results

2017-05-14 10:30:09May 14, 2017Dinamo-Dorigo-logo Dinamo Dorigo0 - 0 (W/O)PhillipineFC Philippine FCPresidents Cup-B*Cancelled*Recap
2017-05-07 10:30:58May 7, 2017Badger-Logo London Badgers1 - 1PhillipineFC Philippine FCPresidents Cup-BMarian PuscociRecap
2017-04-23 10:30:00April 23, 2017AFC-Shooters-logo AFC Shooters1 - 1PhillipineFC Philippine FCDivision 2Dajour McKenzie-GeorgeRecap
2017-04-09 10:30:47April 9, 2017CSFC_Badge-small Chalk Scratchings0 - 0 (W/O)PhillipineFC Philippine FCPresidents Cup-B*Cancelled*Recap
2017-04-02 10:30:00April 2, 2017PhillipineFC Philippine FC3 - 1CSFC_Badge-small Chalk ScratchingsDivision 2Steve KellyRecap
2017-03-26 10:30:03March 26, 2017PhillipineFC Philippine FC2 - 5Badger-Logo London BadgersPresidents Cup-BPeter RaisonRecap
2017-03-19 10:30:00March 19, 2017Enate-Utd-Logo Enate United2 - 0PhillipineFC Philippine FCJunior CupRob RyanRecap
2017-03-12 10:30:00March 12, 2017PhillipineFC Philippine FC(W/O) 0 - 0Dinamo-Dorigo-logo Dinamo DorigoPresidents Cup-BTitus TresidderRecap
2017-03-05 10:30:00March 5, 2017Surreal-Madrid-logo Surreal Madrid2 - 3PhillipineFC Philippine FCJunior CupPhil MilesRecap
2017-02-26 10:30:00February 26, 2017PhillipineFC Philippine FC1 - 1Dinamo-Dorigo-logo Dinamo DorigoDivision 2Peter RaisonRecap
2017-02-19 10:30:00February 19, 2017PhillipineFC Philippine FC4 - 1CSFC_Badge-small Chalk ScratchingsPresidents Cup-BPhil MilesRecap
2017-02-05 10:30:00February 5, 2017PhillipineFC Philippine FC(W/O) 0 - 0Gyro FC GyroDivision 2Mads YdemarkRecap
2017-01-29 10:30:11January 29, 2017PhillipineFC Philippine FC1 - 2Football-200x200 Cosmos UnitedLFA JuniorLFA RefRecap
2017-01-15 10:30:00January 15, 2017PhillipineFC Philippine FC3 - 5Crouch End Rangers FC Crouch End RangersChallenge CupAlex BakerRecap
2017-01-08 10:30:00January 8, 2017PhillipineFC Philippine FC5 - 3AFC-Shooters-logo AFC ShootersJunior CupTerry DawkinsRecap
2016-12-18 10:30:00December 18, 2016PhillipineFC Philippine FC5 - 3Surreal-Madrid-logo Surreal MadridDivision 2Rob Ryan
2016-12-11 10:30:42December 11, 2016PhillipineFC Philippine FC3 - 2Football-300x300 KucukkaymakliLFA JuniorLFA Ref
2016-12-04 10:30:00December 4, 2016Cobden-Athletic-FC Cobden Athletic1 - 2PhillipineFC Philippine FCChallenge CupTony ZhangRecap
2016-11-27 10:30:00November 27, 2016Enate-Utd-Logo Enate United7 - 5PhillipineFC Philippine FCDivision 2Marian PuscociRecap
2016-11-20 10:30:00November 20, 2016PhillipineFC Philippine FC5 - 1AFC-Shooters-logo AFC ShootersDivision 2Nick SpyrouRecap
2016-11-13 10:30:00November 13, 2016St-Peters St. Peters4 - 7PhillipineFC Philippine FCDivision 2Peter Raison
2016-10-30 10:30:00October 30, 2016Dinamo-Dorigo-logo Dinamo Dorigo1 - 5PhillipineFC Philippine FCDivision 2Marian Puscoci
2016-10-23 10:30:54October 23, 2016Football-300x300 South London Doves2 - 2 (1-3 Pens)PhillipineFC Philippine FCLFA JuniorLFA RefRecap
2016-10-16 10:30:00October 16, 2016Surreal-Madrid-logo Surreal Madrid2 - 2PhillipineFC Philippine FCDivision 2Unassigned
2016-10-09 10:30:00October 9, 2016CSFC_Badge-small Chalk Scratchings3 - 4PhillipineFC Philippine FCDivision 2Steve WalshRecap
2016-10-02 10:30:00October 2, 2016PhillipineFC Philippine FC1 - 0Canes-small The HurricanesChallenge CupNick Spyrou
2016-09-25 10:30:00September 25, 2016PhillipineFC Philippine FC6 - 0Enate-Utd-Logo Enate UnitedDivision 2Steve Kelly
2016-09-18 10:30:00September 18, 2016Gyro FC Gyro2 - 2PhillipineFC Philippine FCDivision 2Bruno GaisieRecap
2016-09-11 10:30:00September 11, 2016PhillipineFC Philippine FC5 - 1St-Peters St. PetersDivision 2Russell Howes

Player Leaderboards


Squad Performance Analysis

Squad players are listed in alphabetical order, grouped by their playing position.


PlayerM.O.M.GoalsAssistsAppsWin RatioDraw RatioLoss Ratio
engEngel_CepilloEngel Cepillo101862.5025.0012.50
engReinhard Hillier - Philippine FC - Camden Sunday Football LeagueReinhard Hillier00000.000.000.00
engRonald Calma - Philippine FC - Camden Sunday Football LeagueRonald Calma0013100.000.000.00


PlayerM.O.M.GoalsAssistsAppsWin RatioDraw RatioLoss Ratio
engCliff_GayyaCliff Gay-ya0011266.6725.008.33
engDanny_Blair-228x260Danny Blair0011266.6725.008.33
engFranzRJ_MatiasFranz RJ Matias0011163.6427.279.09
engJeffrey_BurginJeffrey Burgin1321070.0020.0010.00
engJesse_Arroyo-(Temp-pic)Jesse Arroyo011580.0020.000.00
engMervyn_Batchelor-227x260Mervyn Batchelor000450.0050.000.00
engRommel Ongcoy - Philippine FC - Camden Sunday Football LeagueRommel Ongcoy0006100.000.000.00
engSean_VahdatSean Vahdat2201070.0020.0010.00


PlayerM.O.M.GoalsAssistsAppsWin RatioDraw RatioLoss Ratio
engeddie_guevarraEddie Guevarra1131266.6725.008.33
engIshan_AlThamirIshan Al-Thamir173955.5633.3311.11
engJason_Arroyo-(Temp-pic)Jason Arroyo057666.6716.6716.67
engJayr Corachea - Philippine FC - Camden Sunday Football LeagueJayr Corachea0001100.000.000.00
engMark_ButtelingMark Butteling00000.000.000.00
engMark_Munoz-(Temp-pic)Mark Munoz00010.00100.000.00
engMichael_CepilloMichael Cepillo123850.0037.5012.50
engrob_depeazerRobert DePeazer28101266.6725.008.33
engSunny_BoonlertuthaiSunny Boonlertuthai0101100.000.000.00


PlayerM.O.M.GoalsAssistsAppsWin RatioDraw RatioLoss Ratio
engGraeme_RyanGraeme Ryan1124875.0012.5012.50
engHaseeb_MajeedHaseeb Majeed122650.0050.000.00
engJefferson_Rey-(Temp-pic)Jefferson Rey00000.000.000.00
engRaymond_TordecillaRaymond Tordecilla022650.0033.3316.67
engRichie_CapparosRichie Caparros0441070.0020.0010.00

Playing Squad Gallery for 2016-17 Season

Division 2 – Season 2016-17

1Philippine FC14841151272431
2Surreal Madrid1473404031924
3FC Gyro14725030181223
4Enate United1461613039-922
5AFC Shooters1454503231119
6Chalk Scratchings1453604033718
7St. Peters1441902041-2113
8Dinamo Dorigo14121011740-238