About The Club

Philippine FC was founded in 2008 and was originally called Philippine United FC. Under the guidance of then owner, Leo Jensen and coaches Norman Parkin, a former Leeds and Chesterfield player and Steve Conroy, the team played their football in the West Herts football league, in West Hertfordshire. The team was initially created to serve as a ‘sister’ club to the Philippines National Team.

Links with ex-PFF President Mari Martinez meant that a few players were given the chance to try-out for the national squad. These proved successful, with a few of the players in the squad flying over to the Philippines on trial. In 2012, the team left the West Herts league and coaches Norman and Steve also left, along with owner Leo Jensen, to form another Filipino club in Manchester.

The London PUFC team then got back together in 2015 and the club was renamed ‘Philippine FC’, which played in the Middlesex County Combination League. After their initial season back together, the team have now decided to play their football in The Camden Sunday League from the 2016/17 season onwards.

Through football, the club now looks to promote Filipino culture to the wider community.


Club Kits

Shirts – Blue

Shorts – Blue

Socks – Blue

Shirts – White

Shorts – Red

Socks – White

2017-18 Fixtures & Results

2017-11-19 10:30:00November 19, 2017PhillipineFC Philippine FC 10:30:0010:30 amBadger-Logo London BadgersDivision 1Bruno Gaisie
2017-11-26 10:30:00November 26, 2017Cobden-Athletic-FC Cobden Athletic 10:30:0010:30 amPhillipineFC Philippine FCDivision 1Mads Ydemark
2017-12-03 10:30:00December 3, 2017Crouch End Rangers FC Crouch End Rangers 10:30:0010:30 amPhillipineFC Philippine FCDivision 1Unassigned
2017-12-10 10:30:00December 10, 2017Badger-Logo London Badgers 10:30:0010:30 amPhillipineFC Philippine FCDivision 1Unassigned
2017-12-17 10:30:00December 17, 2017PhillipineFC Philippine FC 10:30:0010:30 amAuld-Shillelagh Auld ShillelaghDivision 1Unassigned
2017-11-12 10:30:00November 12, 2017PhillipineFC Philippine FC1 - 5Clerkenwell-OB Clerkenwell Old BoysChallenge CupPhil MilesRecap
2017-11-05 10:30:00November 5, 2017Auld-Shillelagh Auld Shillelagh1 - 3PhillipineFC Philippine FCDivision 1Mads YdemarkRecap
2017-10-29 10:30:00October 29, 2017Canes-small The Hurricanes7 - 4PhillipineFC Philippine FCDivision 1Tom FletcherRecap
2017-10-22 10:30:00October 22, 2017PhillipineFC Philippine FC4 - 0Badger-Logo London BadgersSenior CupSteve KellyRecap
2017-10-15 10:30:00October 15, 2017PhillipineFC Philippine FC1 - 5Crouch End Rangers FC Crouch End RangersDivision 1Terry DawkinsRecap
2017-10-01 10:30:48October 1, 2017PhillipineFC Philippine FC4 - 7Football-200x200 Barnehurst (LFA)LFA JuniorLFA RefRecap
2017-09-24 10:30:00September 24, 2017PhillipineFC Philippine FC1 - 2Cobden-Athletic-FC Cobden AthleticDivision 1Rob RyanRecap
2017-09-17 10:30:00September 17, 2017PhillipineFC Philippine FC2 - 5Clerkenwell-OB Clerkenwell Old BoysDivision 1Phil MilesRecap
2017-09-10 10:30:00September 10, 2017Badu-FC-small Badu Sports FC1 - 2PhillipineFC Philippine FCDivision 1Peter RaisonRecap

Player Leaderboards


Squad Performance Analysis

Squad players are listed in alphabetical order, grouped by their playing position.


PlayerM.O.M.GoalsAssistsAppsWin RatioDraw RatioLoss Ratio
engDaniel Burgin - Philippine FC - Camden Sunday Football LeagueDaniel Burgin100425.000.0075.00
engEngel_CepilloEngel Cepillo000250.000.0050.00
engRonald Calma - Philippine FC - Camden Sunday Football LeagueRonald Calma00000.000.000.00


PlayerM.O.M.GoalsAssistsAppsWin RatioDraw RatioLoss Ratio
engChristopher Santos - Philippine FC - Camden Sunday Football LeagueChristopher Santos000633.330.0066.67
engCliff_GayyaCliff Gay-ya100633.330.0066.67
engDanny_Blair-228x260Danny Blair000520.000.0080.00
engFranzRJ_MatiasFranz RJ Matias000366.670.0033.33
engJames Scott - Philippine FC - Camden Sunday Football LeagueJames Scott100333.330.0066.67
engJeffrey_BurginJeffrey Burgin110520.000.0080.00
engJesse_Arroyo-(Temp-pic)Jesse Arroyo000333.330.0066.67
engLuigi Ellaga-Oliva - Philippine FC - Camden Sunday Football LeagueLuigi Ellaga-Oliva0001100.000.000.00
engMervyn_Batchelor-227x260Mervyn Batchelor00000.000.000.00
engNathaniel Bryce Marino - Philippine FC - Camden Sunday Football LeagueNathaniel Bryce Marino000333.330.0066.67
engSean_VahdatSean Vahdat00010.000.00100.00


PlayerM.O.M.GoalsAssistsAppsWin RatioDraw RatioLoss Ratio
engeddie_guevarraEddie Guevarra003633.330.0066.67
engIshan_AlThamirIshan Al-Thamir023633.330.0066.67
engJason_Arroyo-(Temp-pic)Jason Arroyo001333.330.0066.67
engJayr Corachea - Philippine FC - Camden Sunday Football LeagueJayr Corachea00000.000.000.00
engLiam Dunne - Philippine FC - Camden Sunday Football LeagueLiam Dunne111250.000.0050.00
engMark_ButtelingMark Butteling00000.000.000.00
engMark_Munoz-(Temp-pic)Mark Munoz00010.000.00100.00
engMichael_CepilloMichael Cepillo11130.000.00100.00
engrob_depeazerRobert DePeazer012333.330.0066.67


PlayerM.O.M.GoalsAssistsAppsWin RatioDraw RatioLoss Ratio
engGraeme_RyanGraeme Ryan0102100.000.000.00
engHaseeb_MajeedHaseeb Majeed000250.000.0050.00
engJefferson_Rey-(Temp-pic)Jefferson Rey000333.330.0066.67
engLeon Anderson - Philippine FC - Camden Sunday Football LeagueLeon Anderson000333.330.0066.67
engMike Millier Manangan - Philippine FC - Camden Sunday Football LeagueMark Millier Manangan030425.000.0075.00
engRaymond_TordecillaRaymond Tordecilla00000.000.000.00
engRichie_CapparosRichie Caparros011425.000.0075.00

Playing Squad Gallery for 2017-18 Season

Division 1 - Season 2017-18

1The Hurricanes650102213915
2London Badgers65010167915
3Crouch End Rangers740302213912
4Badu Sports FC731301814410
5Cobden Athletic722301020-108
6Clerkenwell Old Boys420201012-26
7Philippine FC620401321-86
8Auld Shillelagh70160920-111