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St Peter’s Football Club was founded in 2013 by a group of former university students who were eager to continue playing 11-a-side football after graduating. The club prides itself on promoting a friendly and open playing environment and won the CSFL Fair Play League in 2013-2014 and the S. Swingler Sportsmanship Trophy in 2014-2015. After finishing bottom of the league in its first two seasons, the club’s fortunes improved during the 2015-2016 campaign, with notable victories in both league and cup competitions against well-established sides.

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Patrick ReihillClub Secretarypreihill@gmail.com

Club Kits

Shirts – Yellow / Green

Shorts – Black

Socks – Green

Shirts – Orange

Shorts – Black

Socks – Orange

2017-18 Fixtures & Results

2017-11-19 10:30:00November 19, 2017St-Peters St. Peters 10:30:0010:30 amAFC-Brasenose AFC BrasenoseDivision 2Titus Tresidder
2017-11-26 10:30:00November 26, 2017Sherfield-Town-FC Sherfield Town FC 10:30:0010:30 amSt-Peters St. PetersDivision 2Marian Puscoci
2017-12-03 10:30:00December 3, 2017HackneyWednesday-logo Hackney Wednesday 10:30:0010:30 amSt-Peters St. PetersDivision 2Unassigned
2017-12-10 10:30:00December 10, 2017Dinamo-Dorigo-logo Dinamo Dorigo 10:30:0010:30 amSt-Peters St. PetersDivision 2Unassigned
2017-11-05 10:30:00November 5, 2017AFC-Shooters-logo AFC Shooters2 - 1St-Peters St. PetersDivision 2Ray Ebanks
2017-10-29 10:30:00October 29, 2017St-Peters St. Peters0 - 6CSFC_Badge-small Chalk ScratchingsDivision 2Marian Puscoci
2017-10-15 10:30:56October 15, 2017St-Peters St. Peters1 - 4Clerkenwell-OB Clerkenwell Old BoysChallenge CupDajour McKenzie-George
2017-10-08 10:30:00October 8, 2017AFC-Shooters-logo AFC Shooters2 - 1St-Peters St. PetersJunior CupDajour McKenzie-George
2017-10-01 10:30:00October 1, 2017St-Peters St. Peters1 - 5Enate-Utd-Logo Enate UnitedDivision 2Rob Ryan
2017-09-24 10:30:00September 24, 2017St-Peters St. Peters0 - 9HackneyWednesday-logo Hackney WednesdayDivision 2Titus Tresidder
2017-09-17 10:30:00September 17, 2017Surreal-Madrid-logo Surreal Madrid4 - 1St-Peters St. PetersDivision 2Nick Spyrou
2017-09-10 10:30:00September 10, 2017St-Peters St. Peters5 - 3Dinamo-Dorigo-logo Dinamo DorigoDivision 2Arben Syla

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Squad Performance Analysis

Squad players are listed in alphabetical order, grouped by their playing position.


PlayerM.O.M.GoalsAssistsAppsWin RatioDraw RatioLoss Ratio
engDavid Smith - St Peters - Camden Sunday Football LeagueDavid Smith10020.000.00100.00
eng1-Patrick-ReihillPatrick Reihill00020.000.00100.00
engWillem La Tulip-Troost - St Peters - Camden Sunday Football LeagueWillem La Tulip-Troost0001100.000.000.00


PlayerM.O.M.GoalsAssistsAppsWin RatioDraw RatioLoss Ratio
eng6-Adam-BowlerAdam Bowler10020.000.00100.00
eng8-Alasdair-MorganAlasdair Morgan000250.000.0050.00
engConnor Nealon - St Peters - Camden Sunday Football LeagueConnor Nealon100425.000.0075.00
eng9-Daniel-RozierDaniel Rozier00040.000.00100.00
eng2-Mark-HewittMark Hewitt00010.000.00100.00
engOliver Tomlins - St Peters - Camden Sunday Football LeagueOliver Tomlins00010.000.00100.00
engPete Wilkins - St. Peters FC - Camden Sunday Football LeaguePete Wilkins0001100.000.000.00
eng5-Thomas-CoulsonThomas Coulson00030.000.00100.00
eng4-William-ScargillWilliam Scargill000333.330.0066.67


PlayerM.O.M.GoalsAssistsAppsWin RatioDraw RatioLoss Ratio
eng11-Alec-GrahamAlec Graham001520.000.0080.00
ausAlex Bretton - St. Peters FC - Camden Sunday Football LeagueAlex Bretton000425.000.0075.00
engAlex Hillback - St. Peters FC - Camden Sunday Football LeagueAlex Hillback00010.000.00100.00
eng14-Ben-SlingsbyBen Slingsby00010.000.00100.00
eng13-Charlie-McNicholasCharlie McNicholas02030.000.00100.00
engChris Roberts - St. Peters - Camden Sunday Football LeagueChris Roberts000333.330.0066.67
irlCiaran Russell - St. Peters FC - Camden Sunday Football LeagueCiaran Russell00000.000.000.00
engDaniel Duper - St. Peters FC - Camden Sunday Football LeagueDaniel Duper00000.000.000.00
porDavid Picarra - St. Peters FC - Camden Sunday Football LeagueDavid Picarra00030.000.00100.00
engEliot Brooks - St. Peters FC - Camden Sunday Football LeagueEliot Brooks00020.000.00100.00
engJoe Budge - St Peters - Camden Sunday Football LeagueJoe Budge0111100.000.000.00
engMatt Lewis - St. Peters FC - Camden Sunday Football LeagueMatt Lewis01040.000.00100.00
eng16-Rob-DawsonRob Dawson131250.000.0050.00
porRui Posse - St. Peters FC - Camden Sunday Football LeagueRui Posse000333.330.0066.67
fraSam-LecacheurSam Lecacheur10010.000.00100.00
engSam Wilcox - St. Peters FC - Camden Sunday Football LeagueSam Wilcox00110.000.00100.00
engTom-LewisThomas Lewis000333.330.0066.67
eng12-Thomas-PearmanThomas Pearman010616.670.0083.33
engTom McDonnell - St. Peters FC - Camden Sunday Football LeagueTom McDonnell00010.000.00100.00


PlayerM.O.M.GoalsAssistsAppsWin RatioDraw RatioLoss Ratio
eng18-Alistair-GodrichAlistair Godrich00030.000.00100.00
eng19-Daniel-BagguleyDaniel Bagguley00010.000.00100.00

Playing Squad Gallery for 2017-18 Season

Division 2 – Season 2017-18

1Hackney Wednesday8512050193116
2Sherfield Town FC6411026121413
3AFC Shooters64020913-412
4Chalk Scratchings631202017310
5Enate United731301616010
6AFC Brasenose5302012939
7Surreal Madrid620401423-96
8Dinamo Dorigo610501229-173
9St. Peters61050829-213