About The Club

Surreal Madrid FC was founded in the late 1980’s by Dave Brown and has continued to flourish ever since. Surreal have also played in the Camden Sunday Football League. The club has flirted with success over the years most notably in 97-98 finishing runners up in Division 3 gaining promotion in the process then following this up with promotion again in 98-99 to Division 1. Surreal have never quite got their hands on any silverware and have been runners up in two President Cup Finals and two Bill Price Cup Finals – the closest being in 98-99 season losing 1-0 to Camden Hawks in a ferocious encounter. 

The club ran two teams from 2005-2013 however following a few key retirements from a few of Surreal’s stalwarts the club decided to return to just the one. The club is always looking to unearth new talent no more so than in 2016 however they also have a core of consummate professionals such as Martin Lightbody who has entered his 19th season with the club. The club has been built on dedicated professionals over the years.

Surreal continue to dare to dream and maybe 2016/17 is the year under the stewardship of Jim Patrick to finally bring glory glory Surreal glory glory to the marshes

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Staff Directory

Rowan LewinClub Secretaryrowanlewin@hotmail.com
James PatrickPlayer/Manager
James PatrickClub Captain
Tom PatrickVice Captain
Gavin HomeVice Captain
Theo LanyonClub Ambassador
Chris PaddockClub Ambassador
Martin LightbodyDirector of Football Operations

Club Kits

Shirts – Red

Shorts – Navy

Socks – Navy

Shirts – Yellow

Shorts – Black

Socks – Black

2017-18 Fixtures & Results

2018-03-25 10:30:4625 Mar 2018AFC-Shooters-logo AFC Shooters 10:30:4610:30 amSurreal-Madrid-logo Surreal MadridPresidents Cup-BRicky Rose
2018-04-08 10:30:1608 Apr 2018Crouch End Rangers FC Crouch End Rangers 10:30:1610:30 amSurreal-Madrid-logo Surreal MadridPresidents Cup-BBruno Gaisie
2018-04-08 10:30:3508 Apr 2018Surreal-Madrid-logo Surreal Madrid 10:30:35PostponedEnate-Utd-Logo Enate UnitedDivision 2Unassigned
2018-04-15 10:30:0015 Apr 2018Surreal-Madrid-logo Surreal Madrid 10:30:0010:30 amAFC-Brasenose AFC BrasenoseBill Price CupUnassigned
2018-05-06 10:30:1506 May 2018Surreal-Madrid-logo Surreal Madrid 10:30:1510:30 amDinamo-Dorigo-logo Dinamo DorigoDivision 2Unassigned
2018-02-25 10:30:4625 Feb 2018Sherfield-Town-FC Sherfield Town FC2 - 3Surreal-Madrid-logo Surreal MadridDivision 2UnassignedRecap
2018-02-18 10:30:2818 Feb 2018Surreal-Madrid-logo Surreal Madrid2 - 2AFC-Shooters-logo AFC ShootersDivision 2Arben SylaRecap
2018-02-04 10:30:0004 Feb 2018CSFC_Badge-small Chalk Scratchings1 - 1Surreal-Madrid-logo Surreal MadridDivision 2Nick SpyrouRecap
2018-01-28 10:30:0028 Jan 2018Surreal-Madrid-logo Surreal Madrid0 - 6HackneyWednesday-logo Hackney WednesdayDivision 2Steve KellyRecap
2018-01-21 10:30:0021 Jan 2018AFC-Brasenose AFC Brasenose(W/O) 0 - 0Surreal-Madrid-logo Surreal MadridDivision 2UnassignedRecap
2018-01-14 10:30:0014 Jan 2018St-Peters St. Peters2 - 1Surreal-Madrid-logo Surreal MadridDivision 2Arben SylaRecap
2018-01-07 10:30:0007 Jan 2018Canes-small The Hurricanes9 - 0Surreal-Madrid-logo Surreal MadridChallenge CupRicky RoseRecap
2017-12-03 10:30:0003 Dec 2017Surreal-Madrid-logo Surreal Madrid2 - 5CSFC_Badge-small Chalk ScratchingsDivision 2Terry DawkinsRecap
2017-11-26 10:30:0026 Nov 2017Enate-Utd-Logo Enate United2 - 1Surreal-Madrid-logo Surreal MadridJunior CupSteve KellyRecap
2017-11-19 10:30:0019 Nov 2017Surreal-Madrid-logo Surreal Madrid2 - 6Sherfield-Town-FC Sherfield Town FCDivision 2Arben SylaRecap
2017-11-12 10:30:0012 Nov 2017Surreal-Madrid-logo Surreal Madrid5 - 4 (AET)Dinamo-Dorigo-logo Dinamo DorigoChallenge CupNick SpyrouRecap
2017-11-05 10:30:0005 Nov 2017Enate-Utd-Logo Enate United2 - 1Surreal-Madrid-logo Surreal MadridDivision 2Titus TresidderRecap
2017-10-29 10:30:0729 Oct 2017Surreal-Madrid-logo Surreal Madrid2 - 8Football-200x200 Caribb (LFA)LFA JuniorLFA RefRecap
2017-10-22 10:30:0022 Oct 2017Dinamo-Dorigo-logo Dinamo Dorigo5 - 3Surreal-Madrid-logo Surreal MadridDivision 2Titus TresidderRecap
2017-10-15 10:30:0015 Oct 2017Surreal-Madrid-logo Surreal Madrid2 - 1AFC-Brasenose AFC BrasenoseDivision 2Nick SpyrouRecap
2017-10-01 10:30:0001 Oct 2017AFC-Shooters-logo AFC Shooters2 - 1Surreal-Madrid-logo Surreal MadridDivision 2Marian PuscociRecap
2017-09-17 10:30:0017 Sep 2017Surreal-Madrid-logo Surreal Madrid4 - 1St-Peters St. PetersDivision 2Nick SpyrouRecap
2017-09-10 10:30:0010 Sep 2017HackneyWednesday-logo Hackney Wednesday12 - 3Surreal-Madrid-logo Surreal MadridDivision 2Titus TresidderRecap

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Squad Performance Analysis

Squad players are listed in alphabetical order, grouped by their playing position.


PlayerM.O.M.GoalsAssistsAppsWin RatioDraw RatioLoss Ratio
engSurreal-Madrid---Gavin-HomeGavin Home3001323.0815.3861.54


PlayerM.O.M.GoalsAssistsAppsWin RatioDraw RatioLoss Ratio
engSurreal-Madrid---Andrew-DavisAndrew Davis0401020.0010.0070.00
engSurreal-Madrid---Chris-PaddockChris Paddock010333.330.0066.67
engEddie Bradley - Surreal Madrid FC - Camden Sunday Football LeagueEddie Bradley0001323.0815.3861.54
engKit Lewin - Surreal Madrid FC - Camden Sunday Football LeagueKit Lewin00010.000.00100.00
engRowan Lewin - Surreal Madrid FC - Camden Sunday Football LeagueRowan Lewin0011225.008.3366.67
engSurreal-Madrid---Steven-LowyStephen Lowy000425.0050.0025.00


PlayerM.O.M.GoalsAssistsAppsWin RatioDraw RatioLoss Ratio
engAlex Gilman - Surreal Madrid - Camden Sunday Football LeagueAlex Gilman00020.0050.0050.00
engAlex Holloway - Surreal Madrid - Camden Sunday Football LeagueAlex Holloway1161030.0020.0050.00
scoSurreal-Madrid---Alistair-MclachlanAlistair McLachlan011333.330.0066.67
engAndy Matthews - Surreal Madrid - Camden Sunday Football LeagueAndy Matthews00000.000.000.00
engBaron Kufuor - Surreal Madrid - Camden Sunday Football LeagueBaron Kufuor0101100.000.000.00
engCharles Crich - Surreal Madrid - Camden Sunday Football LeagueCharles Crich000366.670.0033.33
engCharlie Servis - Surreal Madrid - Camden Sunday Football LeagueCharlie Servis00020.0050.0050.00
engChris Daley - Surreal Madrid - Camden Sunday Football LeagueChris Daley000616.670.0083.33
engGeorge Smith - Surreal Madrid - Camden Sunday Football LeagueGeorge Smith020520.000.0080.00
engSurreal-Madrid---James-PatrickJames Patrick010714.290.0085.71
engSurreal-Madrid---Justin-RobsonJustin Robson112425.0025.0050.00
scoSurreal-Madrid---Martin-LightbodyMartin Lightbody000837.5012.5050.00
engrory-brown-sm-227x260Rory Brown00010.00100.000.00
engSam Patterson - Surreal Madrid - Camden Sunday Football LeagueSam Patterson00000.000.000.00
engTheo Lanyon - Surreal Madrid FC - Camden Sunday Football LeagueTheo Lanyon1451323.0815.3861.54
engTom Patrick - Surreal Madrid FC - Camden Sunday Football LeagueTom Patrick212812.5012.5075.00


PlayerM.O.M.GoalsAssistsAppsWin RatioDraw RatioLoss Ratio
engSurreal-Madrid---Andrew-WrightAndrew Wright00010.00100.000.00
engSurreal-Madrid---Charles-Grout-SmithCharles Grout-Smith00020.000.00100.00
engSurreal-Madrid---Darnell-JosephDarnel Joseph1111020.0020.0060.00
eng2Daryll Arthur2511127.279.0963.64
engMatt Green - Surreal Madrid - Camden Sunday Football LeagueMatthew Green011520.0040.0040.00
engSurreal-Madrid---Ptrhys-BryantPtrhys Bryant00010.000.00100.00
engThomas Kufuor - Surreal Madrid - Camden Sunday Football LeagueThomas Kufuor0001100.000.000.00

Playing Squad Gallery for 2017-18 Season

Division 2 – Season 2017-18

1Hackney Wednesday141112084226234
2Sherfield Town FC15725143291426
3Chalk Scratchings1482403832626
4AFC Brasenose1571613327625
5Enate United1351702641-1516
6Dinamo Dorigo1350803039-915
7AFC Shooters1443701329-1615
8St. Peters1450902450-2615
9Surreal Madrid1432902547-2211