The first 20 players register for free, every additional player is £3.00

There is no limit to how many players can be registered with each club. However, for every player registered after the first 20 players, a fee of £3.00 is applicable.

No players including goalkeepers are permitted to wear black or dark navy shirts. Goalkeepers must wear colours that distinguish them from their players and the referee.

Home team will have paid the league £50 for the pitch and referees fee of £35. The away team must re-imburse the home club £42.50

Referees fees are £35 and Assistant referees are £25

Pitch Fees are £50.00 which are payable by the home team.

All fixtures kick off at 10:30 am

All fixtures are played at Hackney North Marsh, Millfields Rd, London E5 0AR

Annual subscription is £90.00, payable before the start of each season (or upon joining for new clubs).

Clubs must submit in writing to the secretary their request to join accompanied with entry fee of £50.00, this fee is returned IF the application to join is not successful.