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Clerkenwell Old Boys were founded in 2014 by a core group of friends in Islington. The club name is inspired by the fact that the core group all played together as youth players for Clerkenwell Youth in the late 80s and early 90s.

We are a family based club with a number of brothers and close family making the bulk of the side.

2014/15 we were runners up in Division 2 and runners up in the Presidents Cup.  The following season was not a successful one for us in the league, however, we managed to reach the semi finals in both the Senior Cup and Challenge Cup, along with an impressive quarter-final cup run in the London Sunday Trophy.


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Shirts – Blue & Black

Shorts – Black

Socks – Black

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2017-18 Fixtures & Results

2017-09-24 10:30:00September 24, 2017Clerkenwell-OB Clerkenwell Old Boys 10:30:0010:30 amBadger-Logo London BadgersDivision 1Steve Kelly
2017-10-22 10:30:00October 22, 2017Clerkenwell-OB Clerkenwell Old Boys 10:30:0010:30 amBadu-FC-small Badu Sports FCDivision 1Unassigned
2017-09-17 10:30:00September 17, 2017PhillipineFC Philippine FC2 - 5Clerkenwell-OB Clerkenwell Old BoysDivision 1Phil MilesRecap
2017-09-10 10:30:00September 10, 2017Clerkenwell-OB Clerkenwell Old Boys5 - 4Auld-Shillelagh Auld ShillelaghDivision 1Charlie ActonRecap

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Squad Performance Analysis

Squad players are listed in alphabetical order, grouped by their playing position.


PlayerM.O.M.GoalsAssistsAppsWin RatioDraw RatioLoss Ratio
engJack Little - Clerkenwell Old Boys - Camden Sunday Football LeagueJack Little0001100.000.000.00
engCOB L Barrera-227x260Luis Barrera-Gopac00000.000.000.00
engPaul Ferguson Camden Sunday Football LeaguePaul Ferguson00000.000.000.00
engRobbie Almond - Clerkenwell Old Boys - Camden Sunday football LeagueRobbie Almond00000.000.000.00


PlayerM.O.M.GoalsAssistsAppsWin RatioDraw RatioLoss Ratio
engCOB-B-KeadyBilly Keady00000.000.000.00
engCOB-Byron-EvansByron Evans00000.000.000.00
engCOB-Dennos-AttohDennis Attoh0001100.000.000.00
engCOB-Frankie-ChamdlerFrankie Chandler00000.000.000.00
engHarry Sanger - Clerkenwell Old Boys - Camden Sunday Football LeagueHarry Sanger0001100.000.000.00
engCOB-Harvey-Ferguson-BoonHarvey Ferguson-Boon0001100.000.000.00
engCOB Jon Salvoni-227x260Jon Salvoni00000.000.000.00
engCOB-M-SalvoniMatthew Salvoni0001100.000.000.00
engCOB-Michael-SloweyMicheal Slowey00000.000.000.00
engCOB-T-SalvoniTom Salvoni0001100.000.000.00


PlayerM.O.M.GoalsAssistsAppsWin RatioDraw RatioLoss Ratio
engCOB-Albert-CruiseAlbert Cruise0011100.000.000.00
engCOB-Gary-ChandlerGary Chandler00000.000.000.00
engCOB Llyas Ismail-228x260Ilyas Ismail0011100.000.000.00
engCOB-James-OsbornJames Osborn00000.000.000.00
engJamie Cox - Clerkenwell Old Boys - Camden Sunday Football LeagueJamie Cox0011100.000.000.00
engCOB-Jamie-KillingbackJamie Killingback00000.000.000.00
engCOB-Jamie-SalvoniJamie Salvoni0101100.000.000.00
engCOB-J-CourtneyJessie Courtney00000.000.000.00
engCOB-Mark-ShirleyMark Shirley00000.000.000.00


PlayerM.O.M.GoalsAssistsAppsWin RatioDraw RatioLoss Ratio
engCOB-Dan-AttardDaniel Attard0021100.000.000.00
engCOB-D-FrancisDean Francis0101100.000.000.00
engDenzel Attoh - Clerkenwell Old Boys - Camden Sunday football LeagueDenzel Attoh1101100.000.000.00
engStefan Willis - Clerkenwell Old Boys - Camden Sunday Football LeagueStefan Willis0201100.000.000.00
engCOB-S-KillingbackSteve Killingback00000.000.000.00

Playing Squad Gallery for 2017-18 Season

Division 1 - Season 2017-18

1Crouch End Rangers220007166
2Clerkenwell Old Boys2200010646
3London Badgers110006063
4Badu Sports FC210104223
5Philippine FC2101046-23
6The Hurricanes1001013-20
7Auld Shillelagh2002048-40
8Cobden Athletic20020010-100